Sunday, July 27, 2014

RAT Setup Service Mentoring | Darkcomet/Cybergate/Any RAT | 100% FUD Crypting | Spreading Methods

This Service is Fully Done For educational Purpose only.

 What is RAT ?

As i have told you in my introduction paragraph RAT is Remote Access trojan. It is a peace of software or program which hacker uses to get complete control of your computer. It can be send to you in form of images, videos or any other files. Their are some RAT that even your antivirus software can not detect.  So always be sure about what you are downloading from the internet and never save or download files that anonymous user send you  over the mail or in chat room.

What You Can do With RAT ?

Once a RAT is installed on any computer hacker can do almost anything with that computer. Some malicious task that you can do with RAT are listed below:
  • Hack Facebook Accounts 
  • Infecting Files
  • Installing Keyloggers
  • Controlling Computer
  • Remotely start webcam, sounds, movies etc
  • Using your PC to attack Website (DDOS)
  • View Screen

 Harmless RAT or Good RAT

As you have seen how harmfull RAT are for your computer, but their are some good RAT which some of you might be using daily. You might have heard of TeamViewer, it is a software which you use to control some one's computer with his permission for file transfer, sharing your screen and more.

 Some Commonly Used RAT

  • ProRAT
  • CyberGate RAT
  • DarkComet RAT

    What is FUD?

    Fud  Fully undetectable . It is a technique to Bypass Antivirus installed in a victim machine.The Rat can be exectued in machine with any antivirus and still the person can be hacked.
This Is NOT A Free R.A.T Setup Service
Post Below With Your Issue And I Will Help You Out.
From Setting It Up, To Advice
Just Follow The Guideline Below For Help
Otherwise Your Request Will Be Ignored ~ SEE YOU SOON!

DarkComet (All Versions)
BlackShades (All Versions)
CyberGate (All Versions)
Advice & Tips

How To
Follow This Format -
"R.A.T I Need Help With:"
"Description Of My Problem:"


10$ >> RAT Setup + Full support

15$ >>
RAT Setup + Full support  + FUD crypting

 +Spreading methods + Test Slaves

Everything Will be Done on Teamviewer

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Terms Of Service

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Payments half before Setup the other half after Setup.
No Charge backs.
 My terms of service must be followed and i will make myself clear once to ensure future problems: I am not responsible at all with what you do after i have performed the RAT setup for you. I can choose to change the T.O.S anytime.


Friday, July 4, 2014

|| Bypass SafeMode 100% Servers 2014 ||

Hope all of you have seen the video tut on how to bypass symlink on 2014 server if not then please visit and see it link

Below is the script which will help you to bypass it easily


Credits:- AnonGhost Official

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hello friend many of you must be struggling to bypass symlink on 2014 server here is the video on how to do it by my friend Mauritania Attacker.

Video Link
Password:- hackerzadda
Tools used:-


Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 As the title says you can watch all the seasons of your favourite shows or even download them

Have released a new series of favorite TV series? Download the torrent file from the torrent tracker, expect the process to download the video file, insert the flash drive into the usb input, download the uploaded file on the stick and now, when the joy of anticipation novelty strangled waiting (it is not important what his long, any pending annoying), see their sight. Phone – mobile smartphone – the powerful; Internet high speed. Catch the trend? Hence, the distance between the output of the new series and the fact that you will be able to see, should be minimal. And help us here the application Show Box (TV Series).

The first and the main tab of the application meets us with a scattering of posters of various series.
Show Box
Interesting episode in this diversity can be found by searching.
Sort runoff series can by rating, title and date of the last series, and by genres.
Clicking on the posters of the series, you will find yourself in the beautifully designed site that is devoted to them. Here you can see a large banner show, and under it – series last season and selection tab a particular season.
Over the banner of three tabs: info; library; to share.
The first tab is a synopsis of the series. Tap on the second tab adds series in your library series. The third tab needs no introduction.
Download Show Box

Having defined with a specific series of view, you’re on the menu with a choice of characteristics: watch or download the series in the original or in English dubbing; how to download or to broadcast a series; and, finally, two large Taba – download series on the device or watch online.
As is customary on Android, can be viewed as a standard video player, and by the third party. Screenshot preview in MX Player:

Let us return to the three main tabs of the application, namely the second – library. There are going added serials, on pages of which you have clicked the button In the Library.» A kind of constant pool of your view.
Same here – and the list of uploaded\downloaded episodes.
The third tab of the application consists of sorting all of the series on the latest additions of the last series (with indication of the date of addition.
The application was initially has unobtrusive advertising in the form of a small pop-up banner while you pause during playback (when you resume playback, it will disappear), but also a huge banner that arise occasionally when you finish watching the series. Advertising of such a completely unobtrusive nature of the developer promised to remove «one day», if you click on a large banner.
Show Box APPS
Everything would be perfect, if not for one «but»! The only thing wildly lacks such application notifications about new episodes of TV series from your library. There is no doubt that in future updates of such a novelty will appear.
Download Here

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello friend today i am sharing a video which i had made months back but could share it due to lack of time to make tut.
As tomorrow is NEW years first day so taught to give all my readers a gift. So here it is
Few days back i posted a tut on vBulletin 5 Beta XX SQLi 0day
Many of them got the admin username and password too with that
But sadly many were unable to decrypt the pass. So here is the tut to by pass that admin login of vB 5.xx


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wegilant's BlackHound simplifies web security

 Wegilant, an IIT Bombay incubated company has launched BlackHound - a cloud-based service that scans websites or web applications for security threats and vulnerabilities. BlackHound runs on a private cloud, which makes it easily scalable to scan multiple websites within few minutes. One can also schedule scans & receive thoroughly prepared audit reports to their inbox directly.

BlackHound is a result of research conducted by Mr. Toshendra Sharma as a part of his M.Tech thesis at IIT Bombay. According to Mr. Toshendra Sharma, "The impact of overlooking web security could be huge. Recent reports showed hackers earned $12.5 billion in 2011, mainly by spamming, phishing, and online frauds. Adobe, Facebook, Google - Biggest ever firms are facing hacking pressure. A month ago, we all know Adobe was hacked. But the scale of damage has been higher than initially estimated and may even make it the biggest hacking ever!"
With BlackHound, Wegilant wants to tap the individual & company owned website market. Most businesses across the globe are getting online, and this trend is more so evident in India. BlackHound will make website security affordable and scalable for individuals, small, medium and enterprise clients. Some of the highlights of BlackHound:

  • Detailed reports that help developers patch security threats
  • Schedule scans for up to 6 months in advance
  • No installation required since BlackHound runs on the cloud.

A 30-day FREE Trial is available for everyone to sign up. You can subscribe to BlackHound here:

About Wegilant
Wegilant, an IIT Bombay incubated company delivers IT Security consulting, education and research. They offer strategies, capabilities, and technologies necessary to help businesses preemptively protect Web applications & IT infrastructure from threats. Moreover, Wegilant promotes cyber/internet security education among Indian youth by organizing workshops and competitions pan India. Lectures, workshops and seminars include topics such as 'Cyber Security', 'Computer Forensics' and ‘Ethical Hacking’. Visit & for further details.

Friday, November 29, 2013

|| How to setup bitcoin and miner + Video||

As bitcoins are in alot of talk this days here is the small tut on how to setup bitcoin and set miner to earn bitcoins with video
1 btc= $1002
More details at
Download Tutorial Here


Sunday, October 20, 2013

|| VBulletin upgrade.php Scanner and Admin Injector ||

You must have heard about the VB upgrade bug, which has been in wild for the past few days. Some opportunists defaced some popular forums using this same bug. Many sites have been patched but still there's plenty of fish in the sea, if you use the right dorks.

Well, I have coded a hunter (PHP tool/script) for that bug. This scripts takes a Google dork from the user and searches for vulnerable VBulletin forums on google and gives you an option to inject an administrator account there.

Main features:
x. Search Google results up to 50 pages.
x. Check each directory (for forums using weird URLs using VBSEO, etc)
x. Targets nulled VB scripts (irrelevant to this bug)
x. Show Alexa rank of vulnerable websites.
x. Single-click administrator account injector.
x. Save vulnerable sites along with alexa rank as 0wn3dLogs.txt
And more...

Here is the screenshot of this PHP tool in action:
I recommend it to use on localhost (Xampp, etc) using proxy. After 10 - 20 scans, Google will backlist your I.P. So you can just change the proxy.

Download both files

|| WHMCS 0day Auto Exploiter <= 5.2.8 by g00n Team Xploiters ||

So basically, you just need to crack hashes... 
In some cases just Google the hash and you'd get the password. Then log in to WHMCS and....

Scanned results are also saved in a text file: WMCS-Hashes.txt

Here is the PHP code that you must save as WHMCS-Fucker.php:
Here are some sample dorks that you can use:
intext:"Powered by WHMCompleteSolution"
intext:"Powered by WHMCompleteSolution" inurl:clientarea.php
inurl:announcements.php intext:"WHMCompleteSolution"
intext:"Powered by WHMCS"
You can derive hundreds of more dorks, using the samples above.